OH-58D Kiowa Warrior


The Universal Weapon Pylons (UWP) are installed into aircraft fittings in each side of the OH-58D helicopter's intermediate fuselage providing a means of mounting the weapons onto the aircraft. The pylons are interchangeable from left to right sides of the helicopter. The UWP consists of an arm assembly, hinged pylon assembly, and ejector rack assembly.


The arms are aluminum tubes which curve downward from the weapon ejector racks into aircraft fittings to transfer weapon loads to the fuselage. The arm assembly contains a tapered collet on one end which matches a tapered bore in the aircraft fitting. The arm is inserted into the aircraft fitting, cross-pinned with the expandable bolt, and the collet is driven into the fitting by a threaded nut to provide a tight fit. On the weapon end of the arm are provisions for a rotational fitting containing a fixed hinge half and a cross bolt for locking the pylon in the firing position.


The pylon assembly is attached to the weapon end of the arm assembly. It contains mechanisms required to; boresight, hinge half for folding, positioning for super elevation, and a beam for mounting the ejector rack assembly.


The rack is attached to the pylon beam, and provides mounting points (using standard 14-inch bomb rack mounts) and jettison capability for the weaponry. The ejector rack is electro-magnetic interference (EMI) shielded.


The universal pylon assembly is adjustable for boresighting in pitch, roll, and yaw. The pylon can pitch up 2° and 4° for missile application without re-boresighting. The pylon may be folded-up with the weapons installed to allow for rapid deployment on C-130 aircraft. Re-boresighting the pylon weaponry is not required after lowering.

CAUTION: Disconnect umbilicals before foldup. Cables and weapon systems will be damaged if umbilicals are not disconnected before foldup.