OH-58D Kiowa Warrior



The Missile Sight System (MSS) is used for employment of the Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS) missile, .50 caliber machine gun, and the 70mm (2.75 inch) Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets (FFARs). The system consists of the Pilot Display Unit (PDU), display mount assembly, and Sight Electronics Unit (SEU).


The Pilot Display Unit (PDU) is mounted in the pilot station on the aircraft upper bulk head to the mount assembly. Electrical power and symbology is provided from the PDU's electronic unit. The PDU is used as a head-up sighting device for employment of the Air-to-Air Stinger missile, .50 caliber machine gun, and the 70mm rockets. During the dynamic environment of air-to air combat, the pilot is required to be head-up as much as possible. The pilot can perform all functions of an ATAS launch using hands-on control and the PDU head-up sighting system. The PDU has a brightness control to control display intensity and a TEST button which initiates the built-in test (BIT) of the PDU and Sight Electronics Unit (SEU).


The display mount is attached to the aircraft bulkhead and adjusted to obtain proper parallel alignment with the centerline of the aircraft. The mount provides a mounting point for the Pilot Display Unit (PDU) and allows the display to be adjusted vertically by the pilot to compensate for eye level differences between crews. Field level replacement of the PDU is made possible without reboresight through the use of a universal designed mount.


The Sight Electronics Unit (SEU) is located at the rear of the top electronic equipment shelf in the right side electronics compartment behind the Armament Electronics Unit (AEU) and the Remote Rocket Assembly (RRA). The SEU provides power to the Pilot Display Unit (PDU) with control coming from the Armament Control Panel (ACP) and the PDU. The SEU consists of circuits required to provide symbology and weapon system status for the ATAS to be displayed on the PDU for Air-to-Air-Stinger acquisition, and range-related target sighting data symbology only for aiming the rockets and gun.