The armament control panel (ACP) is located in the center console in the cockpit. The ACP contains switches and indicators for the crew's master power control of the system to preclude inadvertent firing of the pylon mounted weaponry (Master Armed/Standby, Gun Armed, Safe and Recock, and Jettison controls). The ACP allows for arming and safing of all weapon systems.


The AEU is located at the rear of the top electronic equipment shelf in the right side of the intermediate fuselage electronics compartment. It provides power to the weapon system with control coming from the ACP, the pilot cyclic grip, and the integrated system processor (ISP). The AEU consists of a circuit card, 24 diodes, 25 relays, relay sockets, and a wiring harness. It provides interface switching for the machine gun pod, rocket launchers, Stinger launchers, Hellfire launchers, control of armament indicators, and interrupts firing.


Mounted in the top electronics tray behind the pilot, the RRA contains the circuitry for interfacing rocket control through the armament electronics unit to the ISP. The RRA consists of a mother board, and five circuit card assemblies which provide the necessary software to manage and fire the MK66 Folding Fin Aerial Rockets (FFAR). Automatic range selection/fuze setting is achieved utilizing laser rangefinder data from the mast mounted sight. Manual range selection is also available if desired, using the multi-function display (MFD). Aircraft wiring provides power and interface between the armament electronics unit and RRA.


The umbilical weapon harnesses provide electrical interfacing between armament systems electronic controls (cockpit controls, aircraft power, sighting and/or guidance systems) and the pylon weaponry. There are five harnesses which are mounted on the outside of the Universal Weapons Pylon (UWP) and attached to electrical connectors on the helicopter and pod/launchers, allowing firing signals and control functions to reach the pylon weaponry. Jettison circuitry is supplied to the pylons through a single umbilical harness.

Weapons Electrical Cables [kpcables.gif], 7k