These are the sources quoted or paraphrased in this publication.

Army Training and Evaluation Program

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Field Manual

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Technical Manuals

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Training Circulars

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TC 1-218. Aircrew Training Manual for Utility Airplane. 2 March 1993.

TC 1-219. Aircrew Training Manual for Guardrail/Common Sensor Airplane. 20 September 1994.


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Army Regulations

AR 25-30. The Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Program. 27 March 1989.

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National Guard Regulations (Army)

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NGR 95-210. Army National Guard: General Provisions and Regulations for Aviation Training. 1 July 1991.

Field Manuals

FM 1-140. Helicopter Gunnery. Projected Publication Date: FY 9503.

FM 1-202. Environmental Flight. 23 February 1983.

FM 1-203. Fundamentals of Flight. 3 October 1988.

FM 1-300. Flight Operations and Airfield Management. 22 June 1993.

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FM 25-101. Battle Focused Training. 30 September 1990.

Department of the Army Forms

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DA FORM 4507-R. Crew Member Grade Slip.

DA FORM 4507-1-R-E. Maneuver/Procedure Grade Slip.

DA FORM 4507-2-R. Continuation Comment Slip.

DA FORM 7120-R-E. Commander's Task List.

DA FORM 7120-1-R-E. Crew Member Task Performance and Evaluation Requirements.

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DA FORM 7120-3-R-E. Crew Member Task Performance and Evaluation Requirements Remarks and Certification.

DA FORM 7122-R. Crew Member Training Record.

Department of Defense Form

DOD FORM 365-4. Weight and Balance Form F--Tactical. April 1989.

Training Circulars

TC 1-140. Helicopter Gunnery. 30 September 1991.

TC 1-201. Tactical Flight Procedures. 20 January 1984.

TC 1-204. Night Flight Techniques and Procedures. 20 January 1984.


These readings contain relevant supplemental information.

Army Regulations

AR 310-25. Dictionary of United States Army Terms. 15 October 1983.

AR 310-50. Authorized Abbreviations and Brevity Codes. 15 November 1985.

AR 570-4. Manpower Management. 25 September 1989.

Department of the Army Pamphlets

DA PAM 350-100. Extension Training Materials Consolidated MOS Catalog. 5 February 1990.

DA PAM 351-4. Army Formal Schools Catalog. 1 August 1991.

Field Manual

FM 1-104. Forward Arming and Regulation Points. 12 September 1994.

*This source was also used to develop this publication.