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Field Manuals (FM) Training Circulars (TC) and Army Regulation (AR):

bullet AR 40-8 Flight Restrictions Due to Exogenous Factors
bullet AR 95-1 Flight Regulations 02/03/2006
bullet AR 95-2 ATC, Airspace, Airfields, Flight Activities 08/10/1990
bullet AR 310-50 Authorized Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms
bullet TC 1-209 Old ATM
bullet TC 1-210 Commander's Guide
bullet TC 1-211 Aircrew Training Manual for the UH-1 12/09/1992
bullet TC 1-213 Aircrew Training Manual for the AH-1 12/09/1992
bullet TC 1-228 Aircrew Training Manual for the OH-58A 06/13/2006
bullet TC 1-237 Aircrew Training Manual for the H-60 09/27/2005
bullet TC 1-248 Aircrew Training Manual for the OH-58D 09/12/2005
bullet FM 1-100 Army Aviation Operations 02/21/1997
bullet FM 3-04.111 (FM 1-111) Aviation Brigades 08/21/2003
bullet FM 1-140 Helicopter Gunnery (email for new one, to .mil or .gov addresses only)
bullet FM 1-506 Fundamentals of Aircraft Power Plants
bullet FM 1-514 Fundamentals of Rotor and Power Train
bullet FM 3-04.301(1-301) Aeromedical Training for Flight Personnel 09/29/2000
bullet FM 6-20 Fire Support In the Air-Land battle
bullet FM 6-30 Observed Fire
bullet FM 17-12-8 Light Cavalry Gunnery
bullet FM 17-95 Cavalry Operations
bullet FM 17-97 Cavalry Troop
bullet FM 17-98 Scout Platoon
bullet FM 21-26 Map Reading and Land Navigation
bullet FM 55-450-2 Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations
bullet FM 63-1 Support Battalions and Squadrons for the ACR

Cavalry Message Board :

bullet Cavalry Message Board
Have questions? Ask them
Have answers? Give them

General Study Material:

bullet OH-58D[I] History from the Army annual reports, Aviation Weekly and the AUSA
bullet OH-58D[I] Engine from Bell and Rolls Royce
bullet OH-58D[I] Armament from various Army documents
bullet Helicopter Aerodynamics

Weapons Systems :

bullet Universal Weapons pylon
bullet Armament Electrical Systems
bullet UWP Umbilical Cables
bullet Missile Sight System (MSS)
bullet Gun Pod Assembly
bullet XM296 .50 cal. Machine Gun
bullet Ammunition Feed System
bullet M260 70mm Rocket Launcher
bullet Hydra 70 Rocket System
bullet Air-to-Air Stinger (ATAS) Subsystem
bullet AGM-114 Hellfire Missile Subsystem

AirCav Pictures:

bullet OH-58A/C (Kiowa) In the Cavalry
bullet OH-58D[I] (Kiowa Warrior) In the Cavalry
bullet AH-1 (Cobra) In the Cavalry
bullet Troopers In the Cavalry
bullet Gunnery In the Cavalry
bullet 3/7th CAV Photos donated by Gabriel A. Torney
bullet Poem: Fiddlers Green - THE Cavalry Poem

The Lighter Side:

bullet 101 Things
bullet Wall to Wall Counseling Manual
bullet The Air Force Version of Wall to Wall

15 Mar 2006: No, the site is not forgotten. I just need people to give me stuff to post and I'll be more than happy to keep it updated. Thanks to those who send me stuff! New OH-58D ATM is now up there in the list.
26 May 2005: Yes, it has been a long while. Well, the people who physically own the lines to this server decided they did not need to be connected, obviously, and cut them. Two and a half days later, I find that I hate not being online. Glad it is back up.
18 Mar 2003: It seems that this site has become rather popular lately. If you have gotten timeouts and non-connections without errors, I did not have near enough memory in here to keep up with the traffic. I've upgraded and made it so there are more spare servers and connections available. Please tell me of slowdowns and I'll try to keep the machine able to handle the traffic.
13 Mar 2003: When I put the new server up, the search engine died. The search works again. If there are problems on this site (like the search engine does not work) please let me know.
26 Apr 2002: No, I haven't forgotten this site. I got involved with a new job and just have not had time to do the million and one things that I've been meaning to do here. Okay, what broke the string of no posts was the new humor page that Gavin Priebe sent and I found another one from the Air Force's point of view as well.
22 Sep - 23 Sep: Hardware failure is a bummer! Primary disk went bad last night with it only being a couple months old. Backups are a must and the web server is back up and running again.
20 Sep: There are a lot of flags flying, out of respect, out of patriotism, out of whatever the person feels requires a flag flying. I really like the outpouring of Americanism lately. One things I see people should take into account is the U.S. Flag Etiquette. From the U.S. Code, please read this and follow the suggestions.
11 Sep: 11:00 AM. Sitting here at work looking at the smoke from the Pentagon rise and looking over the Capitol, White House and most of the monuments. I was on the way to the Pentagon and got caught up at the main office.
31 July: Well, that was exciting. For about 2 weeks the DNS has been screwed up. I am finally getting the responses I expect from the DNS servers other than mine. I hope this does not get to be a habit of some of the domain controllers. I have it set up so that my secondaries are exactly that, secondaries and not feeding the 'net incorrect data for my site. Well, enough rant, get on with the pics and study material.
24 July: Good News, the Cavalry Pilot Chat Board is up and running better than ever. Its a new format and I hope you add to the knowledge base so this can become the reference site I would like. I have plenty of disk space and bandwidth, bring the questions and answers on.
UPDATE 2: 24 July. They have finally changed my IP address. Well, now that they did that, some of the replicant nameservers are having a problem. This should be fixed within days and I hope sooner.
UPDATE 1: They still have not changed the address over and I had this thing set up to go to the new address effective Friday, so this site has been inaccessable since then. It will go out again if/when they finally DO get the IP address changed. I'll keep on top of it.
NOTICE: Friday, 20 Jul 2001, my ISP is changing my IP address so I have a bit to do to get this all set up with the new address. This should start about 1400 EDT and should not take more than an hour or so. Please check back afterwords and if you do not connect, come back again after a while.
9 Jul: Gabriel A. Torney sent me pictures of the 3/7th CAV in Bosnia. Give them a look and if you have pics of your own, send them and I'll add them to the collection.
8 Jul: New pictures up and now some of the picture pages have more than one page to them. Check for the blue arrows at the bottom of the pages that have more than one.
17 May: I know it's been a while since I put a new comment up here, but I've been fixing the "404 Page not found" errors and making sure I have the correct data up here for your viewing pleasure. Whoever is looking for TC 1-204, it is not on here. It's export is restricted and I will not put it on the site. Other than restricted distribution pubs, I am open to suggestion about what else to put up here.
4 Apr: New FMs galore. Updated some of the older FMs to reflect their new numbers (such as AeroMed) and changed around some of the tables. I'm working on the index page's tables and want to make it cleaner, but with the tables three deep it will also take a while to figure out which one to change without messing up the overall look.

This is one of the best check ride primers available via the internet. Go to the Study Material or Chat Board and see if there's anything there you would like to have added.
I am always interested in feedback and have set this site up for pilots. I'm just enjoying playing with HTML.

Scouts Out
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